Watch this 5 minute video on how I use the 'The Laws of Luxury' to generate celebrity clients and 7-figure deals, even in a saturated market.

I've sold $20m+ of my own offers online, and my clients have sold 100k, 250k and million dollar offers.  I'm inviting you to see the strategies we use to become a Million Dollar Magnet yourself by joining my private community.  Enter your details above to watch the training and get emails, case studies and resources.

You're invited to my step by step system to become the true premium brand of your niche.

Firstly, let me be straight with you.  The people who sell million dollar deals and attract celebrity clients are not your typical run-of-the-mill people.  I'm certainly not mainstream.

I have two decades of experience creating and growing industry dominating brands.  The system we use is the result of that experience.  The good, the bad, the fabulous.

The typical person who buys training on marketing, sales and business strategy is caught in the mainstream, and doesn't get the results they really want.  In my experience, they don't take the big leaps necessary to dominate their industry or niche.  They don't take the consistent action, they don't commit tenaciously to the outcome and they frankly, give up before they're even really started.

Becoming the premium or luxury brand is not easy.  

There is a complete mindset shift and a business strategy shift that has to take place.  

But, it is SIMPLE.  It's effective, efficient and for the right person, it elevates them from mainstream to their rightful place as the Icon of their industry where pricing, deals, fame (if you want it), and freedom knows no limit.

If that sounds like where you belong, then let me show you...


I'm going to challenge most of the conventional wisdom and actually take you behind the scenes in my business where the investment starts at $150k per year in an industry where the mainstream businesses believe "high ticket" is $25k.

I use strategies that work on my business.  I use strategies that work on my client's businesses in industries as diverse as construction, spiritual advisory, interior design, financial services, real estate, business coaching, publishing, fitness, travel, consulting, speaking, entertainment, education, philanthropy, wedding planning, photography, ballroom dancing and event management.  There's not a niche that I've met yet that doesn't have a premium brand opportunity.

I'll show you what's working, and when it feels good for me, I sometimes make offers for you to get my help implementing the strategies.

I'm Kathryn Porritt

I'm the Founder of two multi-million dollar global companies, investor in many more and the advisor to elite experts who refuse to settle for the mainstream.

I advise and mentor mavericks to become the dominating, premium brand in their space using the 'Laws of Luxury' - principles that are tried and true across almost every industry.

I live in Australia with my two kids, my husband and my two dogs; and travel extensively to clients, partners and to speak around the world about becoming a million dollar magnet - the Icon on your niche.

What I have found is that the hidden Icons i.e. YOU probably as you're reading this now, are bored, frustrated and completely over mainstream business, marketing and sales and know there must be a way to take what they "do" and turn it into something premium, luxury and worthy of a million dollar price tag.

You're in the right place.  Let's take you from frustrated Icon to the million dollar magnet you know you are.
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